90” screen with a Full HD image for a good purchase price


At the turn of the year, EPSON was looking at ways to support the sales of EPSON Home Cinema projectors in the Electroworld retail chain. UGO! recommended using its Home Cinema range of projection screens in solid frames to achieve maximum contrast.

EPSON_EW_Zlicin_5EPSON_EW_ZLICIN_2For the promotion of these projectors, the projector size of 90” (228cm diagonal) was selected which can fully compete with the displayed TVs with a similar screen size available at a much higher price.

The entire set contained a branded projector stand, including a projection screen and the EPSON EH-TW610 projector, offering Full HD resolution, 3000 lumens output and built-in Wi-Fi.

UGO! Intelligent Glass in the most technologically advanced wine bar in the Czech Republic


Cyberdog, a unique technology and information centre with robotically operated gastronomy services in Prague’s Butovice district, was created based on a design by David Černý and Tomáš Císař from the Black N´ Arch studio. The studio forms part of Trigema, the investor of the entire project that Cyberdog has built and operates.

UGO! Media was approached by Trigema to collaborate by supplying projection technology.

CYD_mlecna_150DPICYD_cira_150DPIThe main information area of ​​the Cyberdog centre is a glass facade of approx. 4x3m on the second floor equipped with unique technology. We are talking about smart film which can be completely transparent or opaque. The smart (switchable) film functions as a sun protection screen as well as a projection screen that can be watched from both the outside and inside. Due to the size and shape of the front glass facade, it is a very unique solution where the entire glass surface with round corners is covered by three stripes of 1289mm wide smart film. Despite the fact that the film was installed only after the glass had been placed in the frame, the whole wiring of the electrical installation is ‘invisibly’ incorporated into the frame. Both smart film modes are controlled by a 220V / 45V power supply and can be switched on using a remote control.

The large glass area regularly features news and other scientific and technology information.

Since April, the smart film surface has been also used as a summer cinema (https://www.facebook.com/events/2717146931646962/). The projection is perfectly visible from the garden of the partner café and from the nearby square. Thanks to technology, CyberDog fulfils its mission and connects digital bar experiences to its surroundings, transforming public space into a place for meetings, entertainment and creating new dimensions of experience.

More information about Intelligent Glass is available on https://www.ugo-media.eu/switchable-smart-glass/

AV technology in the Romanesque Tower sv. Ducha in Telč


At the beginning of July, we installed an AV technology unit in the Tower sv. Ducha in Telč.

The task was to deliver three 55“ touchscreen displays on a stand (two mounted on a wall, one self-standing – placed on individual floors of the tower) and 3D holoprojection on the lowest floor of the tower.

The entire order, from the idea, through the setup of the project and project documentation, completion, testing up to final installation, was executed by us.

The displays were supplied secured with anti-reflection foil so that the touchscreen did not get scratched during transportation. The stands were designed so that the display height could be adjusted. The stands are powered by an UP/DOWN electric drive. A self-standing stand with a display on a telescopic leg forms part of the design. Displays are connected to MiniPCs which include the latest generation powerful processors, 8GB RAM and a 4GB individual card. The whole unit was tested in our workshop prior to installation.

davDesign UGO! 3D HoloBox was created based on the requirement to place a display FaceDown, as a portrait. At the same time, we had to consider the installation premises: the Romanesque, originally watchtower in Telč. We selected a modest but functional design. The base is formed by an aluminium structure covered with waterproof birch plywood, finished with matt polyurethane varnish. The 43“ display has a warranty of FaceDown placement, controlled by an identical MiniPC as touchscreen displays. The image is transmitted to a 4mm hardened glass with a reflective layer.

3DHoloBoxThe installation in Telč took place at the beginning of June 2018, and the exposition itself with our AV technology and content in the Tower sv. Ducha will be open to the public during August 2018.

Development for AUTOMOTIVE


3D Holoprojection has been a renowned technology among retail professionals for quite some time. However, can we refine it and can we enhance reflection of the image from the monitor projected on a reflective layer of glass using 3D mapping? Yes, we can! Who doesn’t try, … (we never usually go beyond that).

For the event taking place at the end of summer we have prepared, in collaboration with 3D mapping specialists, a project which combines these two disciplines and our UGO! 3D HoloBox takes them to higher 3D projection levels.

IMG_5583If you wish to see more, visit our website in the second half of September, as we will publicise the entire project and photographs from the installation.

3D HoloBox 55“ for ŠKODA AUTO, a.s.

3D HoloBox - final product

ŠKODA AUTO, a.s., with its approach to new technologies, is a trend setter not only in the Czech Republic. We were asked to design and manufacture a 3D Holobox with a 55“ display placed FaceDown. Till then, this display placement had been used only in case of 3D Holoprojections up to 21“. The design was to match the current graphic and design style of ŠKODA AUTO, a.s.

UGO! Design - 3D HoloBox

UGO! Design – 3D HoloBox

This led to ‘Z’ with a professional display SHARP 55“ (the only manufacturer to guarantee the permanent ‘FaceDown’ display position) and 4mm tempered glass with a reflective layer and black velvet inside. All this is ‘wrapped up’ in a double-skinned 2mm steel case. The design was developed considering speed and easiness to remove and wrap the glass and display due to frequent transfers between individual events of the client.

As we proudly delivered this project, this was not the last contract from ŠKODA AUTO, a.s. Together with the client, we are currently looking at new solutions and developing other products for corporate communication with customers and business partners.

June is all about herbal liqueurs


In June, we were busy creating two different retail elements for the Prague representative stores of Klášterní Officina.

A 21“ display panel, which plays a company presentation and its products on a loop, is installed  in the shop on the Politických vězňů street in Prague.

IMG_4207The second element was to become part of the unique sales space in the Pasáž Broadway. In order for the item to fit well within the space, the stand for the 46“ monitor was made of the material identical with a shop panelling including round shapes. The stand design comes from our design workshop. The monitor not only loops the product presentation but is also used for presentations for many customers who come to the store.

Switchable film on the stage

Trilobit 2018

How creatively can be used our Switchable film have been shown by producers of Trilobit 2018 film prize awarded this weekend. The material served as rear projection screen area and, thanks to the possibility of its immediate transparency, also as an attractive element of the art composition on the stage. More about the product here.

Retail Component for DATART


We have finished another successful retail project. This time we built large-format display stands and the delivery consisted of complete production and installation of 13 shops within the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Content is distributed and managed by Beyonda display manager software which ensures its flawless operation and remote administration.




Smart Interactive Solutions


Published: 14.12.2017, author: UGO! Media (Lukas). UGO! Media is a specialist for smart solutions across disciplines. Here is a small example of the recent delivery of interactive maps with wireless sensors and smart driving logic for automotive.






eMotion Magic Mirror

Published: 23.11.2017, author: UGO! Media (Lukas). At the POPAI AWARDS 2017, we introduced the Emotion Magic Mirror. More about the product here.