At the same time as we are expanding our product lines and constantly expanding our portfolio with new materials, we are also striving to ensure that our work is not only functional but also aesthetic.

3D HoloFan

HoloFan is not just a fan, it is a unique solution for creating unique 3D video content with a holographic effect. The story is projected directly on the LED surface of the individual blades, once you see the 3D hologram, you do not take your eyes off it. LED propellers transmit three-dimensional images and it is possible to easily present 3D products

3D HoloFan with Cover

3D Holo Effect

The LED propeller transmits three-dimensional
paintings and it is possible present easily 3D products


Dimensions: 50/65/100
LED life: 50,000 hours
Function: Auto Power on / off,
Schedule playlist, Wifi Remote

3D Holo Box

If today it is necessary to capture an original communication element in public space, our UGO! 3D HoloBox Pro is the best option. In an original design, with a choice of many materials and in various image sizes.

3D HoloBox 65inch

3D Real Holo Effect

For an ideal view of the 3D effect is the projection area at eye-level viewer


Dimensions: 32 “/ 43” / 55 “
Monitors for professional use
with variable screen storage

HoloPro Glass

Design solitaire that will captivate you with its exceptional holographic effect, which is projected on a transparent projection film. The magic of a common solution calculated in a special transparent projection film for front projection, on the main projected 3D content using an ultrashort throw laser EPSON projector. The projector is visible in the stand so that it does not disturb you during projection. He calls the solution in two variants: Landscape / Portrait. More details in the animation

HoloPro Glass Landscape

HoloPro Glass version

Position: Landscape / Portrait
Material: AluProfile frame, White Polycarbone


Presentation of your real product
Digital content presentation

Transparent LCD Touch Showcase

Transparent LCD Touch Showcase brings new possibilities for your creative communication. It shows the real objects inside the box and at the same time it allows you to put your digital or even interactive content over the transparent monitor placed in front of the object. You just put your product inside and upload your content to be displayed. Transparent Showcases also are available in touchable versions so you can not only attract the attention of your customer but also initiate him into interactive communication.

Transparent LCD Touch ShowCase

Transparent LCD Touch Panel

High contrast Transparent LCD panel
Touch version with IR Multitouch Frame

Unique presentation

Shows the real object inside the box
Wow Effect, Eye Catch Effect

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