Projection Films

Projection Films

We supply many types of high-quality and time-tested projection films, where we are able to ensure and guarantee their durability and the level of the resulting implementation. The important part is flawless installation and maintenance. We create unique solutions according to the needs of our customers with all types of projection films.

Front Projection Films

Projection Films for front projection is an attractive alternative to conventional screen, but which far exceed the limits, the results and offers more options for working in space. They provide high contrast and brightness, can be used in environments with higher aperture area and usually can be creatively shaped into any shape.

Frameless Screen

Create an Ultra-thin frame design projection screen

High Contrast

Unique Projection material can offer awesome contrast and true color.

Rear Projection Films

Rear Projection Films can be applied to virtually any clear surface. Our films have superior visual performance even in high ambient light situations such as exterior windows. You can use the film to make your own screen or let us cut it into whatever shape you need to make a custom projection – EYE CATCH!

Bright & True Colors

Engage the spectators in an original way, using the Rear Projection Films.

Unique Shape

Cut Rear Projection Films to any shape.

Dual Projection Films

A projection film for Double-sided projection combines the Front & Rear projection qualities. The film allows a unique possibility to watch the content from both sides at the same time. You can suspend the film in the middle of an open space; a projector can be placed both in front of and behind the panel, as required in the particular setting. You can use the screen as is or cut it into whatever shape you need to make a custom projection screen.

Contrast 50:50

Projection Screen with same contrast from Rear / Front side.

3D Mirror Efect

Create your own projection mirror screen with 3D efect

Ultrashort Projection Films

When space for standard projection is insufficient, both Front and Rear Projection Films are ideal for Ultra-short projection distances without loss of image quality or unwanted hot spot. And certainly high contrast is the most important.

Ultra-short Distance

Up to 100 inches diagonal screen with 35cm projector distance

High Contrast

Transparent / Non-transparent with high contrast and true colors

Holographic Projection Films

Projection or reality? Such a question asked by almost anyone who looks at the projected 3D content on a Holographic Projection Films. We offer types for Front and Rear projection. The connecting element is a quality image and exceptional visual effects.

EYE-Catch Effect

Wherever you use Holographic projection film, your customer will be surprised. Don´t worry it´s really a projection.

3D Holo Effect

Create your own 3D Holo Effect with 87% transparent projection film

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