Intelligent Glass

Intelligent Glass

The smart (switchable) film (glass) functions as a sun protection screen as well as a projection screen that can be watched from both the outside and inside.

Switchable Smart Film

Self-adhesive Switchable smart film offers instant privacy at the press of a button. Switchable film, known as smart film, works on an electrical principle switching from frosted to transparent. This film represents an alternative to conventional roller blinds, Venetian blinds and is often used in commercial and home environments.

Frosted / Transparent

Just press for instant privacy.


Can be applied to existing glazing.

Switchable Smart Glass

Switchable (dimmable glass) offers privacy at the press of a button; glass works on an electrical principle switching from frosted to transparent. Thanks to this feature you will experience an elegant and very fast display of electronic Venetian blinds or roller blinds. The new technology of smart Venetian blinds can be used in commercial as well as residential projects.

Electric Venetian blinds

Modern technology of electronic Venetian blinds.

Design and elegance

Switchable glass for commercial and residential projects.

Switchable Projection Screen

One click turns transparent glass into a projection screen. UGO! Switchable screen is a new-generation smart screen. It supports a high-definition display of content on a frosted surface and offers a 3D holographic projected effect when transparent. These unique Switchable films can be programmed to create a Venetian blinds and roller blinds effect in combination with rear projection.

Smart projection screen

Frosted contrast projection, transparent holoprojection.

ON / OFF film for shop windows

Transparent during a day, projection screen at night.

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