Dual Shelf stopper

Dual Shelf stopper

Double-sided Shelf Stopper in digital form. The visibility of this solution is much higher. The video content on the screen is much more attention-grabbing and the product on offer receives much stronger support at the point of sale. The development and production of the product with an original depth of 35mm and two 360x1920px displays took place in our development department. This is an original product not only on the Czech market.

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Ultra-thin design

The original solution requires maximum space saving. The Dual Shelf stopper developed by us boasts a depth of 35mm, a dimension that is unmatched by single-sided displays. Thanks to its “SLIM” design, it fits into any point of sale.

All-in-One solution

The displays are controlled by an Android media player. Everything is carefully interconnected and housed in a slim metal case and all inputs and outputs are located on the side of the Dual Display body. To play content, simply plug into the mains using a 230V/12V DC power supply.

Easy content management

Content played on the displays can be remotely managed using our Beyonda Digital Signage or played from the built-in media player by uploading content to USB or SD. Videos, images of various formats and content for this display resolution of customised websites can be played remotely.

Energy saving and environmental protection

The media player includes a time switch function. It plays at a set time and switches off outside this time. As a result, the displays are also switched off and the DUAL STRETCH BOARD does not draw any electricity during the switch-off period (not sleep mode), resulting in significant savings.


TypeDUAL LCD Stretch panel with Android MediaPlayer
Panel TypeTFT LCD Panel 360 x 1920px
Display ModePortrait, Landscape
Active Area112,104 (w) x 597,888 (h)
Outline149,4 (w) v 794,6 (h) x 35mm (d)
SurfaceAG Glass, Metal frame
Viewing Angle89/89/89/89
Signal InterfaceANDROID MEDIAPLAYER (1 USB-2.0 HOST, 1 USB-2.0 OTG, 4 extended USB ports, SD/SDHC/MMC cards, standardní klávesnice a myš)
Input Voltage12V, 2,5A


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