Switchable Smart Film

Switchable Smart Film

The self-adhesive Switchable Smart Film is designed for additional gluing to existing glass partition walls or other transparent materials. It is therefore a very effective variant of modern type of sun-blinds. The foil is equipped with a self-adhesive sticky layer, which simplifies attaching onto new or existing glasses.

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ON / OFF function

The On / Off function switches the foil from clear (transparent) to opaque (non-transparent) mode. The foil in the off-state therefore substitutes existing mechanical sun-blinds and provides immediate feeling of privacy due to the fact that the whole surface is opaque (non-transparent)…

Smart film programming

We offer you state-of-the-art switchable film and can help you to create not only a basic on/off function, but also can program an unique sun-blind effects for you.

Rear projection screen

This unique Switchable Film can transform any glass in a rear projection screen. We may join film into large-format surfaces, which enables very effective use for day/nighttime large-screen projections.  The Switchable Film ensures splendid colors, contrast and high-quality resolution.

Touch foil as bonus

Use possibilities to transform the whole projection screen into an interactive wall. Touching provides a high-quality solution of control at least for 6 and more touch points, possibility to shift subjects, zooming, listing and other functions.


TypeSwitchable Intelligent Film
ColourON: transparent, OFF: opaque
MaterialPET film
Transmittance (On/Off Mode )3.8% / 89%
Viewing Angle>140º
SizeMax Width 1500 mm/Max Length 50 m
Operating Voltage48 - 60V(AC50/60HZ)
Operating Temperature-30℃ - +70℃


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