3D HoloFan

HoloFan is not just a fan, it is a unique solution for creating unique 3D video content with a holographic effect


4K Home Cinema projection screen for ultra-short projection. Special ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) technology provides incredible contrast even in daylight.

Transparent LCD Fridge

Fridge with transparent LCD display in the door. You can play videos that help you to address the customers. Your product will be prepared and chilled.


The visibility of this solution is much higher. The video content on the screen is much more attention-grabbing and the product on offer receives much stronger support at the point of sale.

What’s new

UGO! Media has developed a design information touch panel for Škoda Auto

We are at home when it comes to the development of atypical digital technologies. We have already developed a number of customized technologies for many clients. A request from Škoda Auto to produce a special touch-sensitive information panel was a pleasant challenge that was fulfilled to perfection. Škoda Auto is now using our new design information touch panels for the interactive presentation of the car models on display at trade fairs and in its car showrooms.

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Introducing the Dual Stretch Display for your POS product presentation

We would like to introduce you to our new Dual Stretch Display, a breakthrough in point of sale product presentation. In our development department, we have developed a technology to help our clients with product visibility in stores in an innovative way. Our team’s goal was to provide the client with an original solution in the field of Shelf Stoppers, giving their products a new dimension of digital presentation.

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The future of intelligent fridge for the retail

In the world of retail and marketing, there is a constant need to find original solutions that move us towards simplicity and keep up with the evolving digital environment. This is the first time we have taken this path. This time, our unique creation is an intelligent fridge with a transparent display in the door. This transparent LCD fridge is an assembly of individual door layers and LED lighting including a transparent display.

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