3D HoloFan

HoloFan is not just a fan, it is a unique solution for creating unique 3D video content with a holographic effect


4K Home Cinema projection screen for ultra-short projection. Special ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) technology provides incredible contrast even in daylight.

Transparent LCD Fridge

Fridge with transparent LCD display in the door. You can play videos that help you to address the customers. Your product will be prepared and chilled.


The visibility of this solution is much higher. The video content on the screen is much more attention-grabbing and the product on offer receives much stronger support at the point of sale.

What’s new

Digitalization of the Škoda Auto exhibition in the German “car city” (Autostadt, Wolfsburg)

The Škoda Auto Pavilion is located in a bulding designed by Czech architect Bořek Šípek. Although the building remains same on the outside, visitors will find a number of new features inside the pavilion.

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Augmented Reality (AR) for Vojenské lesy a statky

UGO! Media was approached to develop and produce an AR application for the Military Forests and Estates in the Brdské infocentre in Obecnice.

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Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant with 98″ touch screen display

The Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant is modernising its equipment and bringing innovative changes to its control rooms. As part of these modifications, a project has been prepared that presents the possibility of replacing several composite displays without touch with a single large-format touch screen.

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