About UGO!

About UGO! Media

UGO! Media is a company focused on innovation and development of digital imaging technologies of the highest quality.

It all began with 3M, which has been a world-leading manufacturer of VIKUITI rear projection film since 2006. At that time we (as a group of young enthusiasts) were approached by 3M Czech Republic managers to bring the projection film to the market and give it a concrete face in the field of digital imaging technology.

It was important to give the whole project a name, do not ask us how and why, but simply came up with the name UGO! – today registered brand for advertising, projection foils, architecture, design, .. And since we already knew that this product will become a trend in the field of imaging technology, we founded in 2011 UGO! Media.

Today our portfolio includes the best projection film for both rear and front projection. We develop our own product lines of projection screens. Optical materials are available, we have expanded our product lines with holograms, touch screens, smart films, smart mirrors and many other incredible technologies.

We are still enthusiasts who enjoy new technologies, we are constantly looking for new solutions, developing our own technological innovations and we believe that what we do is important for the present as well as the future.

Design and development

“Perfection is achieved not where there is nothing more to add, but where there is nothing else to take away.” – Antoine de Saint – Exupéry

As we expand our product lines and continually expand our portfolio with new materials, we also strive to ensure that our work is not only functional, but also impresses with its design. We are looking for a boundary, a place where practicality combines with emotion and simplicity.

Some references are evidence that our materials and technologies can be used for aesthetic and artistic purposes. We work with a number of architectural studios that use our materials to design interiors. Other installations include exhibitions in museums and designer homes.


We look forward to a long-term partnership between EPSON and 3M Czech Republic, which guarantees the quality of digital technology processing and installation to our customers. UGO! Media is also a contracting partner of LG, the world leader in professional displays.

Worldwide export

UGO! Media supplies its products to more than 60 countries around the world. We understand the strict rules and regulations of international transport. Our export team is working hard to ensure that your products arrive exactly when and where you need them, along with the right documentation.

UGO! Media Worldwide Export for the last 8 years

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