The future of intelligent fridge for the retail

The future of intelligent fridge for the retail

In the world of retail and marketing, there is a constant need to find original solutions that move us towards simplicity and keep up with the evolving digital environment. This is the first time we have taken this path. This time, our unique creation is an intelligent fridge with a transparent display in the door. This transparent LCD fridge is an assembly of individual door layers and LED lighting including a transparent display.

Digital blindness vs Innovative solution

Imagine you are passing through the shop and almost everywhere are popping up adds from banners, stands and common boxes which are no longer even perceived by your brain. Suddenly, your eyes catch lively story full of colours. There is a fridge, but not an ordinary fridge, because it is telling this story. Story of a certain beverage behind its door. It looks almost like a live barman offering you a cold beverage you are getting a taste for right away. This is the goal of our product – to engage all senses of the customer to the story. The important thing is that the story taking place digitally on the fridge door is not covering the content of the fridge compartment. Let’s approximate the story of our fridge with transparent LCD display a little.

Green solution

The fridge is equipped with smart system for playing the audio-visual content on the door fitted with a transparent LCD display. Moreover, the fridge has a powerful in-built internal LED system intended to illuminate the products inside. Thus, the transparent display presents a good-quality colour image that does not block the view on the products inside the fridge; and the door display is playing while the door is open as well. As early as the customer obtains this unique solution, they need only to process the way the fridge is going to creatively communicate the marketing story of the product inside. The fridge is managed via smart software that controls not only the content on the display, but also the LED backlight of the door and the whole refrigerator. Thus, the customer can control efficiency and energy-savings of the playback of the audio-visual content and LED backlight which allows them to achieve cost-effective operation while the selling space is closed for customers. The fridge cooling circuit operates henceforward continuously and maintains the products cold. This year we are launching the 21.5″ Transparent LCD Fridge in two versions. The first version includes a media box that can play video content from a flash drive or SD card. The second version includes Android Player with BEYONDA DIGITAL SIGNAGE application for remote content management over the internet.

Simple content management

All control elements of the product are already built in into the fridge and the whole solution achieves the highest quality of the media content playback possible, as it is based on the good-quality Transparent Full HD IPS display applied directly to the front cover glass. The fridge is illuminated with powerful LED strips with transparent LCD display allowing the customer to select the beverages stored inside, and simultaneously watch the content played on the display. Thus, due to the transparency of the display, the products within the fridge are well visible. Just plug in and the projection will start as well as cooling.

The Coca-Cola story

Our LCD transparent fridge are made ready to start telling the stories, and as the summer and barbecue season are here, for this occasion, we have prepared a set of POS materials for our partner Coca-Cola Hellenic CZ. Moreover, you can purchase products from the Shop-in-Shop exhibition in selected Albert stores that remind you of the barbecue atmosphere and relaxing. The exhibition should support the sale of the 4CAN packages as well as the big packages of the 1.75l bottles. The UGO! Media is currently taking part on these exhibitions with the LCD transparent fridges, and we are enjoying the participation on the Coca Cola story.

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