Introducing the Dual Stretch Display for your POS product presentation

Introducing the Dual Stretch Display for your POS product presentation

We would like to introduce you to our new Dual Stretch Display, a breakthrough in point of sale product presentation. In our development department, we have developed a technology to help our clients with product visibility in stores in an innovative way. Our team’s goal was to provide the client with an original solution in the field of Shelf Stoppers, giving their products a new dimension of digital presentation.

For the POS area, the double-sided LCD Stretch panel with Android Media Player is the ideal tool. This technology features two double-sided TFT LCD Panel 360x1920px or 1920x360px  displays and has an original ultra-thin 35mm design that ensures perfect space saving. In addition, the display with anti-glare glass is highly scratch resistant, which is advantageous for use in various conditions. Various sizes are available, making the Dual Stretch Display very flexible.


For easy content management of individual devices, we provide a remote cloud-based Beyonda Digital Signage solution with continuous support. If required, the client can also play and set up content from the built-in Media Player by easily uploading content to a USB or SD card.

The Media Player includes a timer function that can be set to maximize device and power savings. To keep the design friendly, everything is housed in a slim metal case and all inputs and outputs are located on the side of the dual display body. To play content, simply plug into the mains using a 230V/12V DC power supply. This puts in the hands of marketers a revolutionary tool that will enrich any shelf, counter or wall that needs to be appropriately highlighted.

You want to know more about our new product – here.

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