Škoda Auto presents cars at Václav Havel Airport Prague on new interactive kiosks

Škoda Auto presents cars at Václav Havel Airport Prague on new interactive kiosks

In the digital technology market, different client needs arise that need to be flexibly addressed. From our point of view as a company involved in the innovation and development of digital imaging technologies, every such client assignment is a great challenge for future work.

Our developers are ready to design and manufacture unique products that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. For this year, we are launching several innovations in the field of display devices and one of them is the information kiosk, which is tailored to Škoda Auto’s clients and is used at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague.

Full Service hardware/software

The informative touch panel provides many functions, has a 55-inch display with 4K resolution in “Portrait” mode, high luminance and ultra-slim design. The design of the panel and the whole technology is intended for a place where 24/7 operation is required. Škoda Auto currently presents its exhibited cars using 5 of these information kiosks at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague, for which variability in the setup of individual presentations is required. For this need, we have created an interactive microsite that automatically starts when the kiosk is launched. Presentations of individual cars and other information are updated according to the client’s needs. For each model, a presentation of the displayed model is created on a unique web address. All kiosks also include selected Škoda Auto information on their websites – car configurator, Škoda news, historical milestones of the company and also the PEXESO game not only for the youngest travellers. The kiosk is thus an interactive tool that provides travellers with an educational overview of the car company and car models, while at the same time thinking about the youngest travellers and giving them the opportunity to pass the time by playing. The plan is to gradually add more games within this section.

Škoda Auto has not only got a unique technology in the form of interactive kiosks on which they can remotely control content whenever they need it, but it is also a product that meets high design expectations.

Before the product is transferred to the client

It is a matter of course that during the production, development and installation of individual technologies, our entire UGO! Media team thinks about the high quality of the entire process and the main goal is client satisfaction at all levels when using technologies from our workshop. The preparation of the entire project is therefore a well-established process that begins with careful testing of all information panels well in advance, always in 24/7 mode. As part of the execution of the entire test regime, all functions of the system are tested with dual remote access to control the kiosk, which gradually puts not only the hardware itself but also the software of the kiosk to a demanding test of operation. Remote access to the content is thus ensured for the entire period of operation of the kiosks at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague. The control of the kiosk content is user-friendly, allowing both quick access to all presented information and its operation at a high level without errors.

Digitisation in imaging

Most companies are already undergoing the process of digitizing all parts of their industry’s displays at various levels. Eventually, most lines of business will go through this process, and all of these operations will continue to improve and modernize. However, it has to be said that whoever grasps these trends first will get a significant head start in the market as a whole. Škoda Auto has acquired one of the presentation tools that fulfils the purpose in this spirit and takes the way of conveying information to potential clients to a higher level.

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