Projection screen UST GREY sets the trend of the current use of projectors with back ultrathin projection. We dare to claim that it is revolutionary high-end product in the field of projection screens which moves their use to completely new level in particular thanks to substantial saving of space between the projector and the projection screen.

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Ultrashort distance

Make use of the properties of ultrashort projectors with the lens of up to 0.37 and reach the size of the screen up to 120 inches. If you want to reach highest contrast, place the projector above the upper side of the projection screen so that the highest performance of the projector directs into your view.

Projection screens up to 120 inches

Width of the projection screens is up to 8 mm and you may use it up to the diagonal of 120 inches in the proportion of 16:9.


Typeprojection screen /rear projection/
Materialprojection film on acrylic screen
Diffuse Transmission51%
Viewing Angle180º
Thickness8mm - 12mm
Peak Gain4.2
Size55" - 120"


Home cinema
TV studio
POS & POP screen
Interior & Design
Information centers, museums

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