Try brilliantly bright picture with Ambient Light Rejection projection screen that is designed for the cutting-the-edge projectors with ultrashort projection lens of 0.37. It is a high-end projection screen that eliminates surrounding light and its contrast unveils in the day-light during regular screening. Bright colours, high contrast and resolution – this extraordinary technology is able to offer you all of these.

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Optic projection layer

The ALR screen combines high contrast projection layer with the filter for elimination of the surrounding light which provides excellent picture and posing angle even with very bright day light. Our ALR PRISM projection screen provides the highest quality which a demanding user may wish for.

Projection screens up to 120 inches

You may use the projection screens with the diagonal of up to 120 inches in proportion of 16:9. The overall solution has a solid ultrathin frame prepared to be hung on the wall.


Typeprojection screen /front projection/
Colourdark grey
MaterialALR projection screen
Diffuse Transmission0%
Viewing Angle170°
Thickness300 microns
Peak Gainprism surface eliminates more than 85% of ambient light
Size80"/ 100"/ 120"


Interior & Design
Trade fairs & Exhibitions
Information centers, museums
Schools & universities
Airports, train & bus stations
TV studios

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