Rear Projection Screen DUST is our best high-contrast screen used in particular for projections in the day light and high parasitic light. This unique screen offers resolution of the screened picture and was designed for showrooms, offices as well as museums so that it complies with the highest quality criteria and is ideal for all types of video and commercial installations.

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Unique shape DUST Rear Projection Screen

High contrast and slim design

High contrast, true colours and use of up to 4K projections – it is the projection screen DUST. These properties predetermine it for use in worse light conditions when high quality of the screened content has to be ensured.

Projection screens up to 120 inches

Width of the projection screens is 8 mm and you may use it up to the diagonal of 120 inches in the proportion of 16:9.


Typeprojection screen /rear/
Materialprojection film on acrylic screen
Diffuse Transmission60%
Viewing Angle160º
Thickness8mm - 12mm
Peak Gain3,9
Size55" - 120"


Interior & Design
Information centers, museums
POS & POP screen
Trade fairs & Exhibitions

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