This projection screen with a matt-grey surface with the diagonal up to 120 inches which excels with its displaying properties. Very wide watching angle and high contrast excel among these properties. Thanks to slim frames and the matt-grey surface, the screens are suitable for Home Cinema installations, they may be used also to conference rooms or museums. It is an affordable but very high-quality alternative to professional ALR PRISM projection screens.

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Cinema Screen for Megapixel store

Thin design

CINEMA projection screen is a this-design accessory suitable for all types of rooms. Its pleasant grey-matt surface is not anyhow disturbing and uniquely melts with all the interior around. Please indulge in the picture with highest possible resolution of 4K.

Projection screens up to 120 inches

You may use the projection screens with the diagonal of up to 120 inches in the proportion of 16:9. The overall solution is in a solid ultrathin frame prepared to be hung on the wall.


Typeprojection screen /front projection/
Materialprojection film on the screen
Diffuse Transmission0%
Viewing Angle175º
Thickness8mm - 12mm
Peak Gain0.8
Size80"/ 90"/ 100"/ 120"


Interior & Design
Home cinema
Trade fairs & Exhibitions
Office buildings

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