MILKY film

MILKY film

This projection film for rear projection has gained its name thanks to the MILKY colour it has when it is not illuminated by the projector’s light cone. It is intended primarily for design solutions in office buildings, where a great emphasis is put on a comprehensive colour design.

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Design & Quality

If you need the ideal ratio of a design foil in simple lighting conditions (shopping centres, offices…), which will ensure e.g. intimacy during business meetings with the possibility of high-quality projection, the MILKY film is the right solution.

Projection areas up to 120”

The MILKY projection film can be used for up to 120” diagonal due to a roll width of 1524mm. It can also be used for ultra-wide projections with roll lenght of up to 30m.


Typerear projection film
Materialprojection film
Diffuse Transmission88%
Viewing Angle140º
Thickness100 microns
Peak Gain4
Size55" - 120" / Roll 1.524m x 30m


Trade fairs & Exhibitions
POS & POP screen
Interior & Design
Information centers, museums

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