CLEAR film

CLEAR film

The transparent holographic projection film CLEAR is an eye-catching holoprojection with a surprisingly excellent image result. The sheer CLEAR film offers high contrast and a wide viewing angle, although it remains transparent when not illuminated, allowing for continued viewing through the projection area after application.

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Holographic effect

It is ideal for window applications and for interior shop windows (e.g. department stores). We have also prepared a number of successful realisations with this material in the field of exhibitions and art performances, where the use of special content can create eye-catching holographic effects.

Projection areas up to 120”

The CLEAR projection film can be used for up to 120” diagonal due to a roll width of 1524mm. It can also be used for ultra-wide projections with roll lenght of up to 30m.

Miraculous projection

The back holographic film CLEAR is used for further projection of “ghosts”. The CLEAR projection film has 86% transparency, yet the image is very contrasting.


Typerear holoprojection film
Materialprojection film
Diffuse Transmission92%
Viewing Angle120º
Thickness100 microns
Peak Gain7.9
Size55" - 120" / Roll 1.524m x 30m


Interior & Design
Information centers, museums
Trade fairs & Exhibitions

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