• POPAI Incubator 2017POPAI Inkubator

    Published: 31.5.2017, author: UGO! Media (Lukas). UGO! Media have taken part in a new form of the “POPAI Incubator” expert program, which is a part of activities of POPAI CE

  • Ultrashort Front ScreensUltrashort screen

    Published: 31.5.2017, author: UGO! Media (Lukas). It’s out! New product line of front projection screens specially designed for ultra short projectors. Visit the product page here. https://youtu.be/9wFerFCeEb4


  • 3D floor retail projectionLTF_9277

    Published: 24.4.2017, author: UGO! Media (Lukas). Funny, right? Also practical at the same time. Light up your retail shelve and show your customers where to find your product! Contact us

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Czech based projection film lovers & interactive technology geeks

UGO! Media is a company focused on development of digital imaging technology. Our main mission is to produce high quality projection films to be used in company presentation, advertising and interactive communication. In recent years we have designed and introduced new proprietary products, prepared many successful implementations, and expanded to many countries via our partners and distributors.

We are the exclusive distributor of the 3M™ VIKUITI™ rear projection films for the Czech market. We have a strong partnership with the 3M™ Česko company, as well as with EPSON, the worldwide leader in digital projectors. This relationship provides a guarantee of high quality of manufacturing and implementation to our customers.

Advantages of UGO! Media:

      • We design and develop new products.
      • We operate our own production facility.
      • We employ our own engineers to carry out the installations and after-sales support.
      • We offer a showroom of technology to show our materials and technologies in real.
      • We made many successful implementations within Czech Republic and abroad.
      • We have the support of strong partners (3M™ Česko, EPSON).
      • Besides hardware, we develop interactive software applications, and we also produce digital signage content.
      • We do communicate quickly and ship our goods all over the world frequently

“The field of new imaging technology is full of challenges for engineers, designers, and salesmen. Despite the fact, we can see even now that the touch and projection films have already transformed the thinking about possibilities in the area of digital imaging technology. I am proud that we have the honor to be a part of it.”

Marek Kolařík, MBA
Commercial Director | Visionary