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Daylight Projection Solution

(new generation)

Projection outdoors always has been a big issue and important challenge for us. Shopping window is a great touchpoint to speak to your potential customers and you can use it as a perfect place to communicate your digital content. Your shop can promote or even sell when it is closed and if used creatively it can rapidly  help to raise your sales.

After years of testing and developing new materials we are happy to bring a solution that can really stand in comparison to usually used technologies like LFDs, monitors or LEDs and is much more cost effective. On this page you will find more details about the new generation of Daylight Projection Solution. 

Rear projection film for Daylight
The most important part of this solution is our special rear projection film which is to be installed to the shopping window. It is a self adhesive material that has grey color and is not transparent when the data projector does not shine on it.

Installed from outside
This is quite untypical but this film is to be installed from the outer side of the window. It allows to receive the light thru the glass of the window and boost the final image to achieve a brilliant result. The installation itself is very easy.

Protecting layer
The film has a special outer layer that is protecting it from the weather changes or potential vandals. It is really easy to clean and is very solid (anti scratch protect) at all.

This is very important! All currently used imaging devices (LFD, monitors stc.) you put behind the glass will have to fight with unwelcome glass reflections. When the day is bright the glass reflections can completely ruin the result even if you use a strong LED or projection film installed from inner side in combination with extremely strong dataprojector. That is the reason we finally decided to prepare a film to be installed from outside. The result is awesome. No reflections any more.

Maybe you did try to get over the daylight projection problem in the past. Many projects we answered unfortunately ended because of the strong data projector price. There is a big price difference between “normal” machines and high-end ones. Let’s check the price of 5000 ANSI lumen machine and then try to check the price for 10000 ANSI beamer. You will probably be surprised how it differs. Because of this we have used the idea of using two “normal” machines and joining theirs image together.

Cost effective
Another great fact is the price effectivity of our Daylight Projection Solution. You can achieve large diagonals with really bright image even under strong daylight conditions and this will cost you much less when using other technologies like LED walls or outdoor large format displays (LFDs) of the same format.

What equipment you need?
To achieve the same result you can see on our video above you will need:

  • Projection film for Daylight solution (there is 80″ diagonal on the video). We can sell you any dimensions you need. The roll width is 1,45 m and installation is very easy.
  • 2 x 5000 ANSI data projector (we have used 2 x EPSON EB 1960)
  • Computer or media player to beam your content
  • Internet connection when you need to control the content via internet

What if you like it? How to order, pay install and use?
Do you like the solution and would like to prepare the same? It is very easy now. You can click a GET PRICE button or use a green contact form to send us your request. We will answer to you within next 48hours. More about How to ordere here. Once you receive the goods you just install and use. We provide to our customers aftersale know-how support so do not be afraid we will help you to finish your project successfully!

Technical specification:

Type: Daylight Projection Solution
Color of the film: Grey
Material: Rear projection film installed from outside
Size: We are selling the material by rolls (1.45 x 2m, 1.45 x 50m, 1.45 x 10m,1.45 x 15m, 1.45 x 20m, 1.45 x 30m) or by diagonals (40″, 50″, 60″, 67″, 80″, 90″, 100″). We also sell data projectors when needed.
Delivery: 5 – 7 working days


  • Shop window
  • Street
  • Advertising
  • Point of Sale & Point of Purchase screens
  • Interior & Design
  • Information centers, museums, municipalities