U – DUAL Touch

U – DUAL Touch

Through Glass Interactive Touch Screen

This is a standalone interactive glass panel with DUAL projection film for front and rear projection. The panel is embedded in artificial stone (Corian, Montelli) and it is responsive to user´s touch. It can be used in advertising, at points of sale, in stores, and showrooms. The mouse pointer is replaced with a touch of finger. Regular offline and online PC applications can run on the panels. The panels can be connected to the Internet to display interactive applications, websites or online catalogues.


Type: Standalone glass panel with touch and projection film for front & rear projection
Material: Safety glass + artificial stone + touch film + DUAL projection film
Thickness: 10 mm a více
Viewing Angle: 180º
Color: Milky
Gain: 2,5
Size: 32” – 100”
Delivery: 7 – 14 working days


  • Presentations
  • Trade Fairs
  • Advertising
  • Point of Sale & Point of Purchase screens
  • Interior & Design
  • Information centers, museums

Recommended accessories:

  • EPSON EH-TW6000
  • EPSON EB-1860