Digital imaging technology plays an increasingly important role in promotion and sales. Customers appreciate its innovativeness and originality. Attractive devices carrying your commercial message can catch customers’ attention directly at the point of sale – it means at places where the customers decide about a future purchase. Our devices display content in high resolution, high quality, as well as with a possibility to modify the video content remotely.
UGO! technologies offer countless possibilities to our clients. With a projection film you can change a shop window into a huge projection screen. Other advanced solutions facilitate an interactive communication with customers directly at a point of sale using touch (or even touch-less) devices.

Advertising Agencies

Interactive and projection films can be successfully used in media agencies and advertising. It can be especially used during a creation of advertising campaign at places with a specific presence of target groups. Due to the excellent imaging parameters and a possibility to cut a projection film to an arbitrary shape and size, it is possible to achieve substantially better marketing results than you would do with a regular plasma or LCD display.

Corporate presentation

We offer a great alternative to a classic projection screen. Digital presentation progressively intervenes into communication between companies and customers. UGO! produces many types of projection films and touch screens. These products are an efficient supporting tool to be used during business meetings and presentations. The UV-Pro portable projection set in an elegant and practical brief case can serve as one of many examples, how your company can present itself as a forward-looking innovator, way ahead in technology.

Trade Fairs and Expositions

The UGO! unconventional digital visual display units are smart devices to be used in expositions, trade fairs and social events. Projection films can be used during the early creation of expositions (projection walls, unconventional projection screens) or as standalone portable media during the event. New technologies always attract customers’ attention and can help you to involve them in immediate interaction.

Interiors, Architecture and Home Theater Systems

Projection films and high-quality projectors bring awesome possibilities for everyone who wants to enrich his or hers living space with innovative display technology of excellent parameters.
UGO! technology can be used even in the interior design and architecture, thanks to its high quality digital image.
It is not necessary to use a less attractive traditional projection screen. Our projection films are unobtrusive and much more aesthetic.