Frequently Aked Questions


UGO! Gallery - Vodafone (7)Here you can find some questions that are being asked by our clients frequently. We hope you find here answers for you as well.

I want to make a rear projection on my shop window. What do I need? You firstly need to choose the right Rear Projection Film and data projector. Before purchasing some you have to answer to yourself what diagonal size you need to achieve and where will the final screen be situated. If indoors where the parasite light is not so strong you will not need projection film with such a high contrast and imaging results as when you will be installing it in outdoor conditions. In outdoors you will need more powerful film and also the data projector needs to be stronger (we recommend to use at least 5000 ANSI lumens for indoor conditions) to achieve a great results. In case you are not sure which material or projector to purchase use our contact form to get our recommendations for your project or purchase samples to be tested. We do have many experiences and we are ready to share them with you! Once you have the Projection Film and data projector you will need some media player or PC to play your content. After you have all needed hardware it is time to install it.

I have received your material. How do I apply it onto the substrate? Is it difficult? It is very easy as you can check on this instructional video which shows key application tips for installers:

Do you ship your material to my country and what payment method do you accept? We distribute our materials all over the world using DHL or other courier service to get them to you. After you receive the Proforma invoice that includes the final price with shipping from us you can pay by credit card via PayPal or make and Bank transfer. When we receive your payment we distribute the goods to you. Paying by cash on delivery is not available at the moment.

What if I want to make my projection screen interactive? How does it work? You need to purchase UGO! touch foil that is another self adhesive material to be installed within your project. Then you just plug it into your PC by USB cable and calibrate it with provided installation software. After you do that your finger will works as the mouse cursor.

Can I get some samples to test before I buy? Sure! You can purchase A4 samples of our projection material. It is cheap and you will receive it in envelope in few days from your order. More information get here.

I need to make a holographic projection. What material is good for? In case you are going to make a projection to the almost transparent projection film, you will need our Holographic Projection Film CLEAR. The material roll width is 1.524 and you can choose any length you need for your purpose.

I see your CLEAR film is 96% transparent. What does this mean? It means that if you are not projecting any light on it it is almost totally transparent. Watch this video to understand.

How can I make an order? In case you will be our customer for the first time kindly check this How to order informational site. Purchasing of our material and products is very easy.

How the UGO! Touch Foil works? How to make my shopping window interactive (touchable)? Very easily! What you need is dataprojector (or LF display) and PC. Instead of many words here please check those schemes:

UGO! Touch Foil with projection film_scheme

UGO! Touch Foil with LFD monitor_scheme