AV technology in the Romanesque Tower sv. Ducha in Telč


At the beginning of July, we installed an AV technology unit in the Tower sv. Ducha in Telč.

The task was to deliver three 55“ touchscreen displays on a stand (two mounted on a wall, one self-standing – placed on individual floors of the tower) and 3D holoprojection on the lowest floor of the tower.

The entire order, from the idea, through the setup of the project and project documentation, completion, testing up to final installation, was executed by us.

The displays were supplied secured with anti-reflection foil so that the touchscreen did not get scratched during transportation. The stands were designed so that the display height could be adjusted. The stands are powered by an UP/DOWN electric drive. A self-standing stand with a display on a telescopic leg forms part of the design. Displays are connected to MiniPCs which include the latest generation powerful processors, 8GB RAM and a 4GB individual card. The whole unit was tested in our workshop prior to installation.

davDesign UGO! 3D HoloBox was created based on the requirement to place a display FaceDown, as a portrait. At the same time, we had to consider the installation premises: the Romanesque, originally watchtower in Telč. We selected a modest but functional design. The base is formed by an aluminium structure covered with waterproof birch plywood, finished with matt polyurethane varnish. The 43“ display has a warranty of FaceDown placement, controlled by an identical MiniPC as touchscreen displays. The image is transmitted to a 4mm hardened glass with a reflective layer.

3DHoloBoxThe installation in Telč took place at the beginning of June 2018, and the exposition itself with our AV technology and content in the Tower sv. Ducha will be open to the public during August 2018.