3D Holobox Pro

Wishing to capture attention in public space using an original communication means? Our UGO! 3D HoloBox Pro is the ideal solution! It offers an original design, a wide choice of materials and various image sizes.



- the monitor is positioned at the top section of the box
- projection points down thanks to special industrial monitors enabling the down facing position of the monitor
- for the ideal view of the 3D effect, the projection area is at the eye level of the viewer


- monitors for professional use with a variable monitor position
- pro FACE DOWN is available in the following monitor sizes 32“/43“/49“/55“
- a professional range of SHARP displays – the only manufacturer that provides standard warranty for such placing


- its design highlights the uniqueness of the product
- a fresh solution with rigorous attention to detail
- the solution enables the placement of the computer, connection with a tablet or mobile device