3D HoloBox 55“ for ŠKODA AUTO, a.s.

3D HoloBox - final product

ŠKODA AUTO, a.s., with its approach to new technologies, is a trend setter not only in the Czech Republic. We were asked to design and manufacture a 3D Holobox with a 55“ display placed FaceDown. Till then, this display placement had been used only in case of 3D Holoprojections up to 21“. The design was to match the current graphic and design style of ŠKODA AUTO, a.s.

UGO! Design - 3D HoloBox

UGO! Design – 3D HoloBox

This led to ‘Z’ with a professional display SHARP 55“ (the only manufacturer to guarantee the permanent ‘FaceDown’ display position) and 4mm tempered glass with a reflective layer and black velvet inside. All this is ‘wrapped up’ in a double-skinned 2mm steel case. The design was developed considering speed and easiness to remove and wrap the glass and display due to frequent transfers between individual events of the client.

As we proudly delivered this project, this was not the last contract from ŠKODA AUTO, a.s. Together with the client, we are currently looking at new solutions and developing other products for corporate communication with customers and business partners.