2D Hostess

2D hostess

There is only one limitation to the shape of screen made of the rear projection film – and it is the human fantasy. Cut the projection film into a shape of human silhouette and you instantly get a catchy audiovisual concept of 2D hostess.

A specially-masked video signal brings to life a tireless virtual assistant, who is constantly pleasant, in good mood, and who presents anything without a single fault. A 2D hostess can be used in guerilla marketing or within a cross-media campaign.

Our 2D hostess is a really attractive and inventive way to address your customers. It handles much more than just to replace the human factor at a point of sale, or when welcoming your guests. The possibility of cutting the rear projection film into any shape enables you to create a virtual figure to refresh any conference, reception, point of sale, or a company party. We make the 2D hostesses to measure – including taking requirements from our clients, shooting video, making graphical effects, as well as subsequent implementation. We can stick your virtual assistant onto a shop window, a meeting room or we can put it up in a free space. The 2D hostess of human-size can produce sounds and it can be well seen from all viewing angles.


Type: Standalone 2D figure for rear-projection
Material: Plexi + aluminium structure + rear projection film
Size: Human-size
Thickness: 10mm and more
Viewing Angle: 180º
Color: Dark grey
Gain: 4,5


  • Point of Sale & Point of Purchase screens
  • Presentations, Trade fairs, expositions, congresses
  • Company events
  • Information centersInformation centers

Recommended accessories:

      Projector EPSON
      Multimedia Reciever