VIKUITI™ rear projection film is over. Let’s go DUST!
3M brand has stopped the production of rear projection material Vikuiti™. Despite the fact the product was discontinued two years ago we still are receiving 3M Vikuiti rear projection film requests on a daily basis. For this reason we would like to inform you officially about the fact that this material is not produced by 3M anymore and our Vikuiti™ stock has been sold out recently. We have asked our local 3M partner to provide an official statement. You can check it here. What alternatives have our customers to reach an excellent contrast and wide viewing angle rear projection results? Please focus on our DUST rear projection film (click here) that provides great effect and the price is more than competitive in comparison to 3M Vikuiti™ rear projection film. In case you have any questions regarding this issue please contact our customer service to get more detailed information. 

Rear Projection Film

The multi-purpose self-adhesive rear projection film VIKUITI™ (by 3M™) changes any ordinary shop window into an attractive advertising tool. It allows a projection of video, dynamic information, or static images.
The image is incredibly well visible even from long distances, in high ambient light areas, and from any viewing angle. Since the film can be cut to any shape a basis for many creative solutions is given.

It’s easy with Vikuiti™ Rear Projection Film from 3M. Use it to turn any clear surface into a projection screen for dynamic signs. This form of digital signage blends harmoniously with existing static graphics programs. And you’ll find it just as easy to understand and market.

It’s easy to get started. A stand-alone system requires a projection surface with Vikuiti rear projection film, a digital projector‚ a PC or media player with software and display content as illustrated below.

Soon‚ you’ll be turning ordinary signs into dynamic signs. Your customers will be amazed with the stopping power of digitally-projected imagery and messages.

UGO! Media is the exclusive distributor of the 3MTM VIKUITITM rear projection films.


Type: VIKUITI™ rear projection film manufactured by 3M
Color: Deep dark grey, almost black when not projecting on it
Material: Projection film, rear projection, self adhesive
Diffuse Transmission: 10%
Viewing Angle: 180º
Gain: 4,5
Thickness: 200 microns
Size: 20” – 200”
Dimension of Roll: 1200 x 2500mm, 1200 x 5000mm, 1200 x 10000mm
Delivery: 10 – 14 working days


  • Presentations
  • Fair trades
  • Advertising
  • Point of Sale & Point of Purchase screens
  • Interior & Design
  • Information centers, museums