DELUX Canvas

DELUX Canvas

Front Projection Canvas

This projection canvas is suitable for commercial usage, as well as for interior applications and home theater systems. It enables you to enjoy a really vivid, bright image – even in the daylight.


Type: Optical projection canvas
Color: Silver
Material: Canvas with aluminum layer
Diffuse Transmission: 100%
Viewing Angle: 120º
Gain: 18
Frame: Black, Thickness of Frame: 100 mm
Thickness: 0,35 mm
Size: Up to 135”                                                                                                           Dimension of the Roll: 2200 x 1000mm, 2200 x 2000mm, 2200 x 5000mm, 2200 x 10000mm                                                                                                                         Delivery: 10-14 working days


  • Presentations
  • Fair trades
  • Advertising
  • Point of Sale & Point of Purchase screens
  • Interior & Design
  • Information centers, museums